Appraising works of art

You might not even be aware of what treasures hide in your home. Come visit us or write us a message to see. The appraisal is free of charge.

The message should contain:

Picture: front, back, signature, close-ups.

Additional information: material, technique, size.

Write or call – we will dispel your doubts regarding the process of artwork appraisal at SDA.

Art conservation

Each interference with a work of art requires knowledge, experience, and skills. Zofia Seyda, our restorer, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts in Toruń, where she studied Conservation and Renovation of Artwork. She wrote her diploma and Master’s thesis under the supervision of professor Dariusz Markowski. Apart from restoring easel paintings, she has also worked on the art of the following artists: Kossakowie, I. Trusz, A. Karpiński, W. Wankie, or A. Kobzdej.

We prepare conservation documentation including photographic documentation. Your artwork is in the right hands. Contact us – let your object gain a “new life”.


The choice of a proper frame serves the unique presentation of your painting, print, or photography. Let the frame reflect your personality and improve the quality of your living space.

Dulat, a family company, has been working with us since the beginning. They have been active on the market for 20 years, making every effort to meet the needs of the customers. They guarantee an unrivalled quality of execution.