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As an institution engaged in professional sales of artworks, we enlist works of old masters as well as contemporary works. The Bydgoszcz division of Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny focuses on sculpture, however, we also accept paintings, drawings, prints, handicrafts, porcelain, and other unique objects that might be of interest to art collectors.

Initial assessment and evaluation of an object's value is performed by our experts and is free of charge. Accepting an object for appraisal, we sign an estimation of value contract.

Yes, we do charge a sales commission. Objects are accepted for sale based on a commission contract. In order to find out about cooperation conditions please contact us by e-mail: bydgoszcz@sda.pl or by phone +48 602 593 826.

There is no need to settle accounts with the tax office. If selling art is not your main business activity and you owned the object longer than 6 months, you do not need to disclose revenue from sales in your tax return. The situation is different when an author is selling their artwork. If the artwork is sold at an auction we charge an auction fee which starts at 15%. The amount of the fee depends on the value of the object. This fee is also charged from post-auction sale if case the object was not sold as during the auction. Bided price and the auction fee include VAT. We issue VAT-MARGIN invoices for purchased objects.

Auctions take place in our division in Bydgoszcz at 47 Jagiellonska street. You can send us a bidding order that you can find on our website to bydgoszcz@sda.pl. After submission, you will receive a bidding number. You can participate in an auction in person, on the phone, or online. You can also commission us to bid and determine a maximum bidding amount. This way you authorise us to bid on your behalf so you do not have to appear at the auction in person. After an auction ends we will inform you promptly about its result.

Participating in an auction is free. Every person of age can participate. We do not require a tender guarantee from the bidders.

You can see the auction offer on our website www.sda.bydgoszcz.pl in the Auctions tab. In addition, 14 days prior to any auction you can visit a pre-auction exhibition in our division in Bydgoszcz at 47 Jagiellońska street to see see the exhibited works in person.

Bidding in the phone gives you the possibility to participate in an auction through our employee. During an auction, you will be in permanent contact. The employee assigned to you is present at the auction room and informs you about the current situation to make you feel like you are bidding in person. In order to use this form of bidding, you should send us a phone bidding order via e-mail. The order is available in our office or on our website. We encourage you to send us e-mails with orders at bydgoszcz@sda.pl. One of our employees will contact you to discuss details.

If you would like to participate in an auction in person, fill out a bidding order available at our website ww.sda.bydgoszcz.pl or in our office. Each participant will receive a bidding number that entitles them to make bids. Auctions take place at the headquarters of Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny w Bydgoszczy at 47 Jagiellońska street. The auction of each object starts with a minimal price determined by the auctioner. When an object you are interested in buying is auctioned, raise your number. The amount will be rising gradually in case there are many bidders interested in the same object. The auction is won by a person, who raises their number last and whose offered amount will not be outbid. After settling the payment, they become the new owner of the auctioned artwork.

Yes. All objects that were not sold during an auction can be bought afterward. You should remember that an auction fee applies to all post-auction sales. We encourage you to read our Terms of use available on the website, where we explain it in more details.

Yes. Our team includes an art conservator who will meticulously renovate accepted paintings as well as sculptures. The better the object's condition, the greater chance it sells at a beneficial price. For every object submitted for conservation, we sign conservation works contract. The service fee is charged after the selling of the object or at the moment of reception of the work. All details regarding works that aim at enhancing the state of a particular artwork will be discussed with you. You will also receive conservation documentation describing performed work.

No. We also accept objects for the permanent offer of Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny in Bydgoszcz. The current offer can be viewed on our website www.sda.bydgoszcz.pl in the tab Gallery Offer.

We cooperate with Bydgoskie Centrum Sztuki. We share a space in a building at 47 Jagiellońska street. Bydgoskie Centrum Sztuki was founded at the initiative of Take Care Foundation. It is a cultural centre that organises exhibitions, lectures and meetings with artists. Apart from that, the BCS is a publishing house and an education centre with an interesting exhibition space. Write an e-mail at bcs@horno.pl and ask for the possibility to organise your exhibition.

Of course. Send an e-mail at bydgoszcz@sda.pl. Attach several photos of your works with a short note describing yourself. You can also call us. We will be happy to answer your questions.