How to sell

Information for artists who want to sell their works as well as for owners of works of art:

1) First contact

You can call us, send us an e-mail or visit us in person at our office.

If you decide to send us an e-mail, please attach pictures, information regarding the object and a detailed description.

You can also submit your object using a form on our website.

2) Expert evaluation

Your work will be subject to a detailed expert evaluation. The initial appraisal is free of charge.

3) Approval and signing a contract

After you verify the result of the evaluation and we agree on terms, we can sign a commission contract (gallery sale) or a commission and auction contract (auction sale).

4) Listing for sale or auction

The accepted object will be put up for selected Auction or listed in our gallery offer.

In case of auction sale, the work of art is presented at a pre-auction exhibition which starts 14 days prior to the auction. The auction can be watched live at SDA division in Bydgoszcz or online.

5) Settlement in case of a sale

Payment for a sold object will be made using a selected payment method, usually a bank transfer to the account number determined in the contract. The payment is carried out after the entire amount is received from the buyer.