Artyści - Magdalena Karłowicz

Magdalena Karłowicz


Artist, sculptor, coorganizer of cultural events, educator, curator of Piwniczka gallery in Radzymin. She attended W. Gerson State Art Senior High School in Warsaw and Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Sculpture. She graduated with honours in 2004 under Prof. Maciej Szańkowski. She is an author of over a dozen solo exhibitions and several dozen group exhibitions. She presented her works in galleries in Biała Podlaska, Częstochowa, Ciechnów, Lubaczów, Legionów, Łódź, Radom, Radzymin, Ostrołęka, Ostrowiec Świetokrzyski, Szczecin, Toruń, Wołomin, Warszawa, Węgrowo and Vienna. Her sculptures include a wide range of forms starting from small to monumental objects. She uses various materials like clay, bronze or resing and sand. Other areas of art such as drawing and graphics are close to her heart.

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