Artyści - Jacek Opała

Jacek Opała


Sculptor, ceramicist. He has been dealing with artistic sculpture since 2009. In his works, he refers to the classics of sculpture.

As he says himself: I’d like my art to have a meaning, secret and hidden emotions.

His works include elements of anatomy, architecture, eroticism, fantasy. He sculpts in chamotte. On forms he makes himself, he builds series of individual works. He never makes two identical sculptures. He glazes his works and kilns them in an electric kiln in temperatures up to 1400 degress.

He presented his works in Polish Institute in Prague, in Cracow, Zakopane, Dresden, Wrocław, Warsaw. He exhibits his works in many important galleries. For its collection, Muzeum Będzin bought the sculpture which won the Grand Prix in an international competition “Art Passion”.

He is a member of the Polish Ceramics Association.

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