Artyści - Danka Jarzyńska

Danka Jarzyńska


Danka Jarzyńska is a graduate of the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts in the field of Artistic Education. In 2001 she obtained a diploma at the Sculpture Studio under the supervision of prof. Wojciech Sęczawa. She is a member of ZPAP and the Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques. She is particularly fascinated by interpersonal relations. She describes her work as “figurative minimalism”. She uses classic sculptural materials: bronze, marble, and granite, and also creates ceramics and installations. She often works at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. Her works are in numerous private collections in Poland and abroad. She took third prize in the NanoArt competition organised by the Roi Dore Gallery in Paris. She created the project of the open-air series Sculptures in Granite, in Gdańsk on Wyspa Sobieszewska.

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