Artyści - Adam Hofman

Adam Hofman


Painter. He started education in 1938 in A. Terlecki’s private school of painting in Cracow. He continued his education in 1940-1942 in Cracow’s Kunstgewerbeschule (which was inspired by pre-war Academy). During the occupation, he established contact with a group of artists gathered around Tadeusz Kantor, who later became members of Grupa Młodych Plastyków and Grupa Krakowska since 1957 (he didn’t join the latter). In the period from 1945-48 he completed his studies at the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow under Eugeniusz Eibisch. He also studied graphics under Konrad Srzednicki.

He worked as a high school teacher since 1949 in Katowice and Cracow.

Since 1950, he worked at the Department of Graphics, a division of Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts. In 1974 he transferred to the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, where he was the head of Drawing Faculty at the Department of Graphic until he retired in 1978.

Apart from easel painting he also created with pastel, charcoal and ink. A limited colour palette is characteristic of his works. He reveals interhuman conflicts, emotions and everyday life. He also dealt with applied graphics and illustrations. He is the author of publications on teaching in art schools.

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